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Smart-Trust is a highly innovative H2020 project for border control, which introduces a new technological enabler for Mobile ID and increases the reliability and trust levels of identity verification at European borders, strongly improving the security of member states.

In a world where mobile is king, Vision-Box Mobile ID™ technology goes one step further and transforms the way people identify themselves. By enabling a digital hands-free authentication through mobile devices, this first-class solution allows to have a complete paperless travel experience, where there is no need for physical passport checks, hence expediting travel and improving passenger experience, while increasing security.

Smart Trust will simultaneously address the business needs of governments, airports, airlines and border police in major pilots in the international airports. Smart-Trust will be implemented by delivering an agile, configurable and open platform providing Mobile ID services based on TrustChain™. Smart-Trust will be implemented by delivering an agile, highly configurable, modular and open architecture platform with the following robust, versatile and scalable core components:

– Mobile ID services and app, mobile identity enrolment and verification services

– TrustChain, a blockchain-based infra-structure to assert citizen transactions in a distributed and self-regulatory fashion

– Workflow Orchestration, a workflow management component which caters for stakeholder-driven business rules

– Analytics and Risk-Assessment, an industrial-strength real time analytics platform able to deliver professional customized monitoring dashboards as well as detecting passenger trends and anomalies.

These components will be developed as part of Vision-Box’s overarching Services Platform and hence compatible with standard Vision-Box services such as Automated Border Control, including Advance Passenger Information Systems (APIS) and Entry-Exit System (EES), and Happy Flow, the first 100% self-service passenger processing system allowing passengers to go from curb to boarding by simple presenting their face.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 778571

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